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    Now that I'm done searching for pokemon in the Safari Zone, it's time to think about where to go next. That Team Galactic Grunt from a few weeks ago headed east from Pastoria, so I guess I could see what's out that way. So Marill, Croagunk and I went out to Route 213.

    Not far from town, I came across a Shellos, except this one was blue. According to the Pokedex, Shellos' colors depend on their habitat; Shellos from west Sinnoh are pink, while Shellos from east Sinnoh are blue. I like the blue coloring better, so I decided to try to catch it. I had Marill use Water Gun to weaken it just slightly, then tossed a pokeball. Shellos is mine! I went back to the pokemon center to let it rest from the battle.

    Meanwhile, I decided to add another pokemon to my team. It's been awhile since I trained with Blissey, so I had it transferred to the Pokemon Center. Then it was back to Route 213. I came across I small cottage that belonged to an interesting fellow named Dr. Footprints. He claims to be able to describe how pokemon feel based on the footprints they leave in the sand. Ok. I let out all 4 of my pokemon and let him take a look. He said Marill and Blissey felt strong friendship with me, and awarded them each a ribbon! Croagunk and Shellos didn't express as much feeling, but of course I just caught them. I thanked him and moved on.