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    He introduced himself as Al'. "I'm doing whatever I want to and feel like, I guess!" Apparently Alessa's his victim of the hour, considering he just talks to whoever he feels like. He grinned at her before tossing away the branch he was playing with, and noted he was getting hungry. Aly was, too, frankly. "Just the usual berries and all that?"

    "Pretty much. I don't really like eating people." Aly stood up on the shared branch, adjusting her hat properly and stretching out. Meanwhile, her leaf pillow fell off the tree and hit the ground, since she wasn't keeping it there anymore. "Wanna grab something with me out of Eterna? Or can you find something that people haven't already taken for themselves?"

    What? She said she doesn't eat people, she didn't say anything about not stealing food.

    Alessa figured Al' wouldn't be able to get anything that didn't involve killing, so she jumped down to the ground and walked back towards the city to jack a lunch. "You comin'?" Along the way, she took notice of the Sewaddle-wielding boy eating leaves. Guess that's just a Bug-type thing.

    Aiden Selest

    The response Aiden got was in the form of a shriek. Must've scared her, he thought.

    I know what you're gonna say if I tell you, but I'm telling you anyways, got it?

    Really, Yukiko, can you just dro--


    LATER. If he found an adult (or a few) all by their lonesome and/or about to attack him, THEY can die without any repercussion, but he's not gonna kill a kid that's on his side.

    "Oh, it's just you." Scarlet sighed in relief, probably from familiarity. She tried passing it off as mass travel, but she finished up being happy she had something to occupy her. And with that, Aiden floated off towards Eterna Forest, letting Scarlet follow along.

    Maybe just out of needing something to do, but any silence was going to get boring fast. "A Leafeon, right? Froslass."

    Tim Korinal

    After a short conversation with Neil, Tim left him to his own business. (He couldn't really think of anything to talk about anyways.) He needed something to do, something to keep him from mindlessly smashing things. Knocking on his helmet, Tim felt like going back to Eterna, but he'd probably have gotten lost in Mt. Coronet if Rizero didn't help him navigate.

    "Hope there's somethin'ta do here." He started wandering around, trying to think of things to do that didn't involve blowing things apart or making... kids... help.... "I'm so stupid." Why'd he come to Children's City in the first place?! Tim punched himself in the head. Didn't hurt at all, sadly. The armored boy started walking around all the children he could, asking them for Nicholas or other kids that are dangerous to adults like him. (As if any Pokémon spirit users aren't.)

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