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    Neil had a short conversation with Tim, who then left after a while. He simply stood there for a few moments and collected his thoughts before figuring out where to go now. As he was pretty tired, he decided to rest for a while. Climbing up in a tree, Neil found some edible berries and after satisfying his hunger, it was time for a long, nice nap.

    The next day, the boy woke up, went through his usual morning routine which consisted of more food and some stretches, and continued on his trip.

    ''Are we still heading for Children's City?'' Livia, his Pokéspirit, asked. The two of them were not fused with each other at the moment, so she was floating next to Neil.

    ''Well, I guess. Let's just head for the closest city that isn't completely destroyed yet...'' He responded with a ''who cares'' kind of voice. He didn't want to admit it...but he was lost. It didn't help that he basically didn't know anything about the world outside Eterna City. So he went in the direction that looked the most promising for him.
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