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A Dragon in Shining Armour

Disclaimer: I don't own digimon. I do own these characters.

Rating: PG-15/T/14A for violence, mature themes, and possibly swearing.

Also, I'm using the Japanese names mostly for the Digimon species and their attacks. For some reason it just seemed to 'fit' more, even though I usually use the English names.

Prologue: Alpha

The full moon shone down on the stone parapets of a gigantic castle, which stood many stories tall in the middle of an ocean of lush, green grassland. Wind swept through the clumps of long grass, creating waves of wind that could be seen from the castle’s sleek and clean ramparts. There were eight tall, cylindrical towers at each corner of the castle, which were topped with open, flat, walled roofs for sentries to keep guard from.

A black figure stood on the castle’s ramparts, staring down at the moat, in which one of the Digital World’s moons was reflected. He watched as the moon was distorted by the ripples created from the gentle wind.

The humanoid digimon was clad in ebony black armour from head to toe, and the moon’s light caused the armour’s gold trimmings to glisten. Two metal wing-like features protruded from his back and the night breeze caused his white and blue cape that rested between them to flutter and ruffle gently. The ruby eyes behind his helmet were deep in thought about the situation at hand. They stared down at the moon in the moat until the sound of movement behind him got his attention.

“So this is where you went,” a voice said from behind him. “Alphamon.”

The digimon in question, Alphamon, turned around to see another knight directly behind him, walking over to the castle wall from a stone bridge to the main building. The speaker was a humanoid digimon, like himself, except instead of black plate armour, he had white, with some purple streaks and a curious symbol on his chest. He had a skinny form, particularly his waist and arms, which were garbed in black, leather fabric. Like Alphamon, he had a white cape, except the interior was red instead of blue.

“Omegamon...” Alphamon spoke, his voice deeper, to his second-in-command. “You’re up late.”

“As are you,” Omegamon responded, walking up to his side and looking out over the wall. “You’re still thinking about it?”

“No... I think I’ve made my choice,” the black knight responded. “It’s an... unorthodox one. Some of the others will probably be uncomfortable with it.”

“Whatever it is, I’m sure they will get used to your choice eventually,” the white knight spoke, looking over at him with his green eyes. “We all trust your judgement, Lord of the Empty Seat. Me especially.”

Alphamon smiled slightly. “You say that now...”

“They got used to Sleipmon, didn’t they?” Omegamon asked, putting a hand on Alphamon’s shoulder.

“I suppose you’re right.” Alphamon turned to him, returning the stare. “I’m satisfied with my choice, even if they aren’t. I fear we’ll need his exceptional abilities in the future.”

“You think the cloud of evil is looming, Alphamon?”

Alphamon looked at him with a slight smile. “Isn’t it always, Omegamon?”
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