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    Archie Stevens - Location Unknown

    Leon's response to Archie's demonstration was simply to stare back and nod at him, adding a “Not bad.” Archie returned the nod. October's reaction was a little more, alarming. She began to clap a little too enthusiastically for Archie's tastes. He was starting to get a creeping suspicion that this woman really was scary, like if he had just decapitated a puppy she would still be clapping scary, and it was not a good feeling.

    well, looks like we have another amazing ability to add to the list. I myself am a Seismokinetic, pretty much I make earthquakes, don’t I Leon?” She said, glancing at Leon and laughing. It disturbed Archie the way that she said the last bit and the way that she laughed. Yes she was definitely someone he should be careful around. Though her power didn't seem too much to be afraid of, she could cause earthquakes but unless she could create really high magnitude ones she wasn't that dangerous was she. “You’ve experienced Jeremy’s teleportation abduction, Leon can tell you about himself, the only other person we have here is Adrian, who should be back sometime soon.” So that left two people who's powers were still unknown, Leon's and this Adrian's.

    Well I can only manage to cut metals at the moment. I haven't worked out why, it could be an intrinsic limitation of my power or just I haven't mastered it that well yet.” Archie said, to October. Since none of them had picked up on the fact he had slightly mislead them he would have to assume they didn't know what his power was before hand or at least not his current limitations.

    Both October and Jeremy declined Archie's offer of food, which was fine with him. The arrival of another person startled Archie slightly, well to to be precise but it was one of them clearing his throat caused the alarm. Archie turned to face the new arrivals. Instantly recognising one of them but forgetting the name that went with the face.

    Jericho, I believe you have met Jeremy and Archie here, the female is October and the other man over there is Leon. October and Leon, this is Jericho, sorry Jerri.” The well dressed man with the sunglasses presented Jeri to the group, who raised a hand as a welcome.
    Nice to meet you Jeri.” Archie said, trying to remember if he actually spoke to the guy when he was in the warehouse. So much had gone on today it was feeling like it had been weeks since he left his flat. If Jeri was here now that meant that the warehouse wasn't too far away, that was unless they had another Jeremy.

    we recruited you Archie, because we saw you as someone who could achieve great power and become something much more than another body in the crowd.” The 'leader' said, then speaking to the group as a whole “you were all hand-picked because you show potential to achieve a lot of things.” So in other word they have been watching us and we showed the most potential out of all the people they spied on.

    "I'm sure we'll get along fabulously." Leon said, giving a grin to the rest of them. "But...well, if these are the, how you say, 'cream of the crop', then I suppose I shall make due. I guess I'll see how well you handle yourselves, because to be honest, you don't look like much to me..." Leon's attitude was starting to annoy Archie, why was this guy so full of himself. He would have to find a way to show this guy up when he got the chance.

    If you don't mind my asking, who are you?” Archie asked the guy who had answered his question.

    Leon, Jeri what are your powers guys?” Archie asked, he was eager to find out what they could do, it could well help him if they ever ended up working together.
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