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Oakley North – Atlantean Mansion, Boston, England

Oakley looked up from her dinner plate that Kieran had placed in front of her. It looked lovely, the roast beef looked tender and the mash potato seemed to just ooze flavour. Despite how nice the food looked, Oakley felt rather un-hungry though Kieran insisted she ate. Instead of that, she stared into Christian’s icy cold eyes. Not cold as in it made him seem like an unlikable person, but that she could almost see the north pole in his eyes (though that simile was probably a little bit farfetched; she had never been to the north pole).

“Yes, hello,” she said with a tired smile. “You’re Christian, aren’t you?” He continued and Oakley began to frown. Oh, what had happened before… yes, yeah. She had no real way of explaining how it made her felt, she only kept up her smile, which she had to fake as the images from yesterday bled into her mind.

“It’s okay,” she looked back at her plate, picking up a fork and playing with her mash potato. Kieran frowned at Christian, exchanging glances with Christian and Oakley who would not look at him. “It’s fine. We’re all a little unhinged, aren’t we?” she added a nervous chuckle.

“What happened?” Kieran said, Oakley not sure if he was genuinely worried or just liked the gossip.

“It’s nothing, don’t worry about it,” Oakley shook her head, tasting a little of the mash. It was indeed delicious, but still made her feel queasy to swallow anything.

“Alright…” he said, swallowing a mouthful of vegetables. “Well it’s great you learned a lot! See Oakley? I told you this place helps people.”

“Yep,” she said, not bothering to make eye contact, rolling a pea around. Honestly, she wanted to go speak to her brother, but she doubted that Kieran would let her now. Of course, she could argue that she was old enough to look after herself but Kieran was a few years older than her and would argue otherwise. Track record was also against her. And it would be rather rude to Christian and… um, whatever her name was to leave abruptly so, she would stay. She could feel Kieran’s gentle smile on her shoulder and it didn’t make her any less annoyed. Instead of responding to him, she looked up at the girl next to Christian. “I’m sorry, what was your name?”
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