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The girl who had called herself Alessa stood up and said she didn’t like eating people. Al’ snickered and nodded his head, lifting a hand to brush a hand through his spiky hair, rising to his feet to balance with one foot in front of the other, lifting his arms out to his sides, glancing at the leafy pillow dispersing and falling to the ground.

“Yeah, me neither! I don’t really like meat… I prefer bread and fruit, berries too… and… well, other things~” he said with a wry, knowing grin, tilting his head a little to the side. “Eterna? Well, there’s more chance of us finding something in there than out here!”

The fact that she was willing to steal from others to keep herself going was definitely something Al’ approved of. “This girl’s got the right idea about things~ Should be pretty interesting to follow her around!” Al’ though out loud to Fog, who seemed to have drifted off to his own little world, not really caring about Alessa.

Al’ shrugged faintly, watching Alessa jump to the ground. He took a moment to let himself turn around the branch like the arm of a clock before standing upside down. He then released himself and turned mid-air, doing a little swoop before hitting the ground, ending up floating on his stomach with his head resting on his arms, floating along next to Alessa with a snicker. “’Course! I’m looking forward to seeing just how you’re planning on getting food~ They’re usually pretty protective of their food in there!”
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