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    Hey guys, got a few questions..

    1) When I unzip A-Text, the exe file disappears. I'm not sure how I'd go about rectifying this problem, as it appears my computer is automatically deleting the file upon unzipping. Any suggestions? I desperately need A-Text for a project I'm currently working on.

    2) I think my two problems are related, but anyway, a lot of programs I have downloaded for use (most of the elitemap set, namely) are not working and a lot are saying that files are missing and to reinstall or whatever but no matter how many times I repeat, nothing is happening.

    I know these are not exactly hacking related, but perhaps some one out there has had a similar issue and found a way around this? Thanks guys. Actually I tell you what if some one could attach the exe file for A-Text here so I can download the file directly, that'd potentially work for my first issue. Everything else for A-Text is intact, it's only the exe that's missing. Perhaps if I downloaded some one elses exe for A-Text, and used it within my A-Text folder, it'd work?

    Still doesn't solve my second issue however, so if anyone has any tips or help they can offer, I'd be very grateful!
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