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Originally Posted by venom12 View Post
If you will get it work in essentials, it will be awesome to have some 3d functions in game :D Good luck
I'm really stuck here, but I can manage... Current error:

Pokemon Essentials
Exception: NoMethodError

Message: undefined method `width' for nil:NilClass

Game_Map_:80:in `width' -- THIS I REALLY DON'T UNDERSTAND! (I even saw this EXACT same function in the H-Mode 7's game map... (I tried copying it and same error))

HM7 MODIFIED CLASSES:285:in `setup_hm7_test_game_map' -- I'm wokring on this...

DEMO : TEST MULTI LAYERS:40:in `setup'

PokemonMap:649:in `setup'

PokemonMap:616:in `initialize'

PokemonLoad:364:in `new'

PokemonLoad:364:in `pbStartLoadScreen'

PokemonLoad:339:in `loop'

PokemonLoad:466:in `pbStartLoadScreen'

DebugIntro:6:in `main'
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