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Scarlet Johnson

I watched as Aiden, my friend floated off towards Eterna forest. "Hey! Wait for me!" I called annoyed. I sighed and began to run after him. Then Syrena, my pokemon spirit appeared next to me. She was running in the air with me. "It would be nice if he slowed down." She told me. I turned my head to Syrena and nodded. "Yeah." I replied quietly. I panted as I kept running, my legs began to hurt, then I stopped. "Owch! Cramp." I said. Syrena turned to look at me and wen't back. I managed to catch up with Aiden, and I heard him say. "A Leafeon, right? Froslass." Was he talking to me? Maybe. We were now at the border of Eterna forest, I kneeled down and rested my hands on my knee. Pretty soon my cramp wen't away.

"Uh- were you talking to me Aiden?" I asked walking beside him. Syrena was walking next to me, mostly ignoring both of us. I turned back to Aiden and looked into his eye's. "So why would you care if Spirit user's go in the Forest?" I asked him curiously. "I mean, what if they just went in 'cause they were trying to get to other places, like the Children's city or something.." I continued. "But I guess it's sorta weird how mostly all of them wen't in the Forest, and ya know what? Now would be a good time for a rest. My cramp's coming back." I stopped walking, and Syrena did to. We both sat down at the same time, near a tree.

I looked up and noticed it was the Oak Tree I had rested at before. "Hey I remember this tree!" I said, as I felt it's bark. "Iv'e napped here before, it's really cozy." "Anyway, we can keep going when my cramp goes away. Okay?"

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