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Nice, the corvette reminds me of NFS Carbon. Just a suggestion, your 240sx the car is green with white decals, I would copy and paste the decals and make them slightly smaller and make them black or some other dark color that goes with green and white; I think it would look better. The eclipse looks better but I'd classify it as "beta". I really do like the 350Z hahaha your taking my advice I guess? But imo the 350Z is too low it looks like it's -3? Try -1 I bet it will look better, also I noticed this with some cars if you lower both front and back to -1 then one end will be lower and one will be higher just by a little, so your gonna want to take the lower end and heighten it by 1. Well, if you did drive reckless then your R8 would look right. But, if you do those things then you got yourself prized cars. The more you do the better you will get. I think you improved your rides a lot. Now rate mine dammit lol.

As a side not, chrome lips look really good on rims and for tuners sinked in rims look better. The rims are good but chrome lips and for certain cars and rims chrome on chrome on chrome. I forgot to upload a car so I hope you like Impalas. This doesn't have any neat designs or anything but I think it looks good.

My 96 Impala, its actually a color fade with orange and red you will have to look closely to see the red.

I would really like feedback on every car I have made since I gave you my opinions.
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