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    i was using per to change the trainers and when i press backspace add a new value for the amount of pokemon they have it has a run time error 13 mismatch. also now when i click on the battle ids on the left they change automatically for example i now have 063 064 066 067 067 068 etc will that change back to normal or how do i fix it?

    ok so i tried to clear the data for that trainer 067 a bug catcher in virdian forest and the it has another error after clearing the data, pretty much it wont let me edit that trainer now at all, i was able to go through advance trainer and access him but then it asks to re point the offset. The numbers are still funky though. sigh i hope this doesnt mean i need start from a fresh rom

    last post for today i played the rom to c what my mess up wld do and i can battle the trainer i cleared althoughthe pre battle text is all jbfjbvkb and he sends out a ? pokemon that i defeated with a leer attack . thanks for helping me with my nubeness so yea how do i fix this trainer?