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Kilik Chambers

Kilik was very wary about this kid. He probably was too. "I`m not with this bustard Nicholas, I with no one. Now tell me, are you with Nicholas or not, so I will know if I need to kill you or not?!" Hmm... It sounded like this kid was against Nicholas. Just like Kilik...

He still quite wasn't sure, but maybe this kid could be helpful. "No, I'm not with Nicholas. I despise him." There. That answer was out. "It sounds like you also hate him for a reason." Kilik broke his battle stance & stood like a normal person. Reiki was starting to see that maybe this kid wasn't so bad. Still, Kilik kept his guard up just in case.

"What's your name?" He asked. Since he's already acquaintent with this kid, he might as well get to know him.

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