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    Nikolai Afon - AUP Headquaters, France

    "Ah, two good questions! First off, Mr. Afon, we will head off to dinner, show you where you'll be sleeping for now then you two will go off to do a bit of training. Tomorrow will be far more eventful, I promise. And Ms. Andersson," he smiled at her. "That conversation is far more appropriate over a hot meal. But, no need to be so serious, Ms. Andersson! You may call me Emil! Now, let's be off! I've had dinner prepared in my office. Come now!" The leader of the AUP was not what Nikolai had expected. From what he had experienced with his father in the world of business was that most CEOs and leaders of big businesses were just self conceited men obsessed with money. Emil seemed to be much more happy and easy going. Nikolai wondered how Emil had founded the AUP, or if he had inherited it from someone.

    They walked out of the hanger into a long hallway, stopping at the first set of elevators. Emil pressed the button and the elevator immediately dinged, and its doors opened to let the group in. As they walked in, the boy Devon immediately made his way to the back of the elevator, seeming to avoid the rest of the group. Nikolai wondered about him. he had remembered being somewhat like the boy in his childhood, when his father took him on business trips. Nikolai never enjoyed them, and always tried to avoid everyone else and find things to entertain him until his father was finished. Often times he would just stay in the hotel till the meeting was over, rather than have to deal with the boredom of corporate dealings. So Nikolai sympathized with Devon. He briefly wondered if he had any Atlantean powers, or if Emil had any powers. Nikolai decided to ask later.

    The elevator dinged once again, the doors opening revealing a large room with ceiling to floor windows giving a fantastic view of the city below them. In the center of the room was a large table set out with all sorts of different foods already laid out on it. Devon immediately excused himself, and left for his room. Once again Nikolai felt sympathetic to the boy. All thoughts of Devon were forgotten when Helena spoke up. "Annie? My wound... it's nothing serious, I think. But it would be nice to clean it after we've had dinner at least. Also... do you know where the toilets are here? It's like, I need one."

    There were some exclamations, words quickly spoken. It would have seemed that the entire group had forgotten that Helena had been shot in the first place. Cooper quickly rushed off to get the first aid kit, then returned and spoke to Helena in Swedish. He was done after only a few moments, after which Helena left down the hall for the restroom. The group calmed down a bit and settled down into their chairs. Nikolai sat a chair away from Atticus, figuring that Helena would want to sit by him for the meal. A light conversation ensued, headed by Emil of course, until Helena returned. Once she did, she settled won in her seat, saying a brief "Tack" to Cooper, who returned the remark with a smile.

    After eating for a few minutes, Nikolai brought up the point once again. "So Emil, how about answering our questions now?
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