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Adeline "Otto" Russo - Under the Vatican, Rome, Italy

"Yes, money is something that I am in no need for," he gestured around the room without seeming too pompous about his ridiculous wealth and what he had bought with it. "Cira, what I need is... Adeline, how would you put this?"

"The Librarian is a vampire," she said rather bluntly.

"Thank-you Adeline," he grinned, probably a little nervously and nodded. Her answer was probably not the most subtle approach which was what he was going for but Adeline was not want to dilly-dally. She understood he did not want to scare off his guests but the word would have been brought up sooner or later. "Yes, if you want to put it like that. But not in the same sense you hear of in myths or tales. I do not need blood to survive, but it gives me a different purpose. See, your ability is contained within your DNA. It is not something you can just get rid of easily. But, my own ability is to somehow absorb this genetic code by, uh, sampling a small amount of your blood." He opened his mouth and gestured to his canine teeth. They were only slightly longer and slightly sharper-looking than your average person, nothing that would bring a lot of attention to ones-self.

"It does not hurt much and it heals very quickly," she added.

"Yes, well, as you may or may not know, I am one of the original Atlanteans. I have been alive for a very long time and over time collected a lot of different Atlantean abilities. When I obtain an ability, I start from the very beginning, like you did as of last week. I have to learn how to control the ability and how to use it. It's a tedious process but as I learn, I write down my experiences. I keep them... actually, why don't I show you?" The Librarian rose from the table and gestured to the two, chucking at the father's enthusiasm. "You may bring some treats with you as long as you don't spill anything!"

Adeline also stood and stepped in front of the Librarian, leading them down a hallway into a rather large room, probably as big as a ballroom dancing hall. It would probably have been a lot bigger if it was not for the bookcases that lined the entire room and in them, millions of books of different colours and sizes sitting neatly on the shelves. (OOC: think Beauty and the Beast)

"This is why they call me 'The Librarian'!" he announced, his voice echoing off the walls. "Every single one of these books is filled with information about different powers and each one of these powers I contain within my body," he turned to the father and son and smiled politely. "There are so many interesting abilities held by Atlanteans! Jean, a wonderful lady, leant me her wings," he opened up his arms and a pair of wings spontaneously sprouted from his back. "And Mr. Andrey Moruyev, a very polite chap, had such an interest in fine arts and food! He also taught me how to make the nicest creme brulee! He gave me his spikes," the wings folded back, disappeared and crystal spikes formed in his hands. "And the lovely Ms. Sherry, many, many years ago, she was kind enough to lend me her ability to changer rapidement la langue que je parle sogar ohne Pause des Nachdenkens über sie!"

"Change the language he is speaking without thinking about it," Adeline translated.

"Yes, well," the spikes disappeared, "you may decline if you wish. The great Johnathan refused to give me his power of persuasion many years ago when I asked him. I respect his decision, but it seemed like such an interesting ability, but I do see why he would not hand it over. And poor, dear Eris and time travel. She feared it was too big of a burden to share it with another. Poor girl," he shook his head sadly, "do you remember her Adeline?"


"Hmm, yes," The Librarian nodded. "So, what do you say? Will you accept? In exchange, I will offer Cira some training since I do already have your fascinating ability. I will also offer you sanctuary here in my home for you to stay for however long you wish!"
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