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    Still pretty early on in Emerald since getting it for Christmas a couple years back. Been too lazy to play it... And Brawly is just so hax. I keep losing to him.

    Let's see:

    Swarm - Lv. 11 Beautifly (Male)
    Valkyrie - Lv. 14 Torchic (Female) (Starter)
    Dullahan - Lv. 11 Ralts (Female)
    Hades - Lv. 12 Poochyena (Male)
    Ark - Lv. 14 Lotad (Male)
    Athena - Lv. 13 Wingull (Female)

    Again, naming Pokemon after historical or mythological figures. Although I probably should've named Swarm something else. I was thinking of a biblical term but I forgot what it was. Ah well.
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