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    Jack Davis

    Jack watched silently as the ball continued to shake before it stopped and a loud ding was heard. Jack smirked and picked up the ball, "Alright, I guess I have to start researching dragon-types, huh Bravo?" The Banette crackled as the ball disappeared from his hand and teleported to his open PC box. "Well, there you go Bravo, one dragon teammate for you to boss around now."

    Bravo giggled as Jack looked around, "Now are you content to just battle?" Bravo eagerly nodded her head but then gripped his side. Jack moved her hand away and looked her over, "Hmm. That Dragonair was powerful. You're lucky it kept using it's normal attacks instead of just Dragon Rush. Another one of those and it could have taken you out. Here, rest for a bit." Jack recalled Bravo.

    He reached for another ball and let out Foxtrot. "Alright, Foxtrot, we're here to train. Lost of dragons around here, are you up to the challenge?"

    Foxtrot nodded and then noticed Jev. "Jev? What are you doing among this revelry? Did something fatal befall you trainer?" He asked with a worried tone.

    Jack also turned his attention to Jev, "Remember, only go in and attack when I say so."
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