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Forever told me I should post this here. :> I'm just going to copy and paste my entire blog into this post so half of it seems a little oddly worded because of the context.


Hello everyone.

So, I found some time to check out the CBC today. Which, of course, means I stumbled upon the CBC Improvement / Discussion thread and, subsequently, Anti's very powerful post about the new horizons being breached. Now, I consider myself guilty. I'm one of those repeat "Yay let's change stuff! - No wait, I'm gone" offenders. Even though I never made my exit official or truly receded from competitive battling, there is no doubt I have completely cut myself off from the friends I have made in my time here. But I digress.

I'm going to pitch some ideas I have and ask some silly questions that I hope can be answered.


Now, I really liked the post D_A made in response to Anti's post about changing the etiquette of the CBC. In fact, the idea reminded me a lot of how EVs work. Maybe D_A's tourny idea can be tweaked to follow that theme (ie: 4 wins = 1 step / point). I'm sure you all know what I'm getting at here. However, while it might seem like a cute change, the problem lies with participation in the event- not so much how the event is conducted.

Another thing that has been working for me (admittedly, it may not - and probably will not - work for everyone because of its "forced" nature) is watching the Pokemon shows. Even though it may not be available to everyone at the same time, or at all, I found that if I make I conscious effort to watch the shows I always, at least, think about picking up my computer and saying hello to everyone. In fact, this is one of those moments. Having a structured and scheduled time of day to spend 15 minutes on PC has been enough to integrate it back into my routine somewhat. Again, this structure is what inspired this blog and may inspire more posts / general activity to come. Who knows? Maybe orienting one's day around more Pokemon (but not PC related Pokemon) can end with one silly little post.

I also have a question for everyone (or whoever is most qualified to answer based on their general consensus of the CBC-goers). Is the inactivity experienced by everyone stemming a boredom of competitive battling? Or have they fallen out of love with PC as a whole? I ask this because I'm not even sure why my inactivity began. I mean, I got busy yeah.. but somewhere along the line I just stopped caring too. There have been numerous moments where I have the free time to make a post but I just don't feel like it. Maybe having an understanding of where this inactivity came from can give us better insight on how to combat it.

This brings me to my next point. I love how Anti's post doesn't revolve around "fighting inactivity as hard as possible" (which always seems to be our first reaction - at least, since I was around) but builds the case of making the forum more flexible and accommodating to newcomers and those who have the ability to participate but choose not to. This idea is why I'm posting this blog with some of my observations and will post it into the thread depending on the feedback.

I would now like to bring up the point of RMTs. While writing this blog, I thought, "Well, if I had a good idea for a team, I might actually use it". Now, I, like all of you, have told many newcomers "we can't build teams for you, you have to at least have some kind of idea and a partially constructed team to pitch us before we can rate it". So, I had this idea to tweak that rule a tad. What if we made a community built team? Like, we all offer one or two Pokemon that can be revised periodically based on team weaknesses or occurring trends. It can be a team used by anyone featuring some of our spontaneous or gimmicky ideas and represent what we as a community can accomplish based on our collective knowledge. That way, we can freely battle with one team if the mood ever strikes and report the outcomes (which will ultimately help in identifying weaknesses) and no one will have to shoulder the weight of building on their own.


And that's all I got. If any of these ideas / questions have been presented and dismissed, please disregard this blog. Good luck to you guys. I'll try to hop on again tonight.


I hope these ideas can be expanded upon at some point.