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Julia - ???

Julia was confused. Who was this boy who seemed to be trying to help her and---he finally explained and she was left with an entirely different question. She was burned? Julia glanced at her arm and mumbled a bit. She didn't recall burning at all... After all, she was far from flamable. She just remembered the heat making her sick.


The boy proceeded to introduce his pokemon. Well that was odd. Why introduce one's pokemon? It wasn't as if she could converse with them. She decidedly didn't comment though. The boy then proceeded to talk about leaves and chewing and... oh gross! Julia's face twisted into an expression of mild disgust. This was a world of spray medicine! Surely this was unnecessary.

"Sssounds delightful..."

Julia's tone was one that made it clear she was not thrilled. She did not pay Kiba's pokemon a great deal of mind. They recieved glances that were little more than acknowledgement. What else did one expect with a giant communication barrier?

"Do you..?--"

Shadoan went on to explain a few things. There was another? They were a group? What interest did they have in her? She felt a bit awkward, perhaps because she was surrounded by boys that had apparently saved her, or at least helped her out. One was apparently elsewhere. She wasn't sure what to think of this. Dragons? Who specifically looked for dragons just to fight? They were ultra rare! She was tempted to ask whom specifically had carried her, but was too shy to admit the idea of either of the two boys rather than her pokemon carrying her was fantastical.


She was about to start asking questions when the boy pulled out her pokeballs and dropped them into her lap. A light blush graced her cheeks as she looked back up from the pokeballs to Shadoan.

"Yyyeah... thanks."

She attempted to give a light smile in a semi-awkward manner, successfully, slightly embarrassed at the situation. The boy then asked her her name. She took this as an opportunity to get a word in edgewise.

"I'm Julia. Where are we..? I'm, uh... did you bring my purse?"

She looking around, concerned. If she lost that album after all this she would be /so/ upset.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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