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    Shadoan raised an eyebrow as he dug through his rucksack. "Lets see.....Purse, purse, purse..... This?" Shadoan pulled out an ash covered purse with parts of it that looked as if it was roughed up and dragged along the ground. He smiled a bit and handed it to her and sighed. "This was attached to you, It was difficult for me to carry you, so I had to store it until we got you some treatment... Well, I guess that wraps things up. Glad to see your ok... I'm heading out to get Echo to socialize Kiba, I'll leave Avaith in your hands while Im gone." Shadoan walked outside as he released Echo from her pokeball. *KLASH!* A flash of light bursts forth from the ball and gives Echo her form. Shadoan smiled and knelled down to her level and extended his hand out, making a fist. "Jack is having me watch out for you while he's out over Gaia's heart... So I guess that means you and I will be partners for a while... You want to bump my fist or you prefer a hand shake?" Shadoan was trying to push Echo to be more sociable, if she wasn't too afraid to greet him, he could take it another step forward.


    Jev looked above in the sky for another Dragon type, Once he spotted one, he looked back at Foxtrot, pointing at it. "I found another one, shall I get it to come down? I have another insult in mind."
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