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Originally Posted by Dark Azelf View Post
I'm all for both things. I will say that the Legion of Supremacy seems like it could turn into a bureaucratic mess unless it's kept up with really well, so it would take a commitment to keep it updated. But am I against it? Nah, it sounds like a nice, straightforward thing.

I really really like the PC Frontier idea. It's pretty simple yet actually beating all of the brains would be a pretty nice accomplishment and a fun challenge as well. I'd be happy to help you refine it and then get this up and running. I know Smogon does something similar, and as far as I know it was good.

Originally Posted by Alexial357 View Post
Don't feel guilty! Sometimes life gets in the way.

Community Team has been proposed before but nothing came out of it - we didn't fail, it was just never tried. I think at the very least it would be a fun way for everyone to contribute to something. The problem of not having a team has definitely plagued me...maybe a team building workshop of some sort could be beneficial alongside a community team? I'm curious what others think about it.

My favorite part of your post, I must admit, was the question about why people are inactive. First, I think that to some extent, it can be easy to overstate inactivity because the scene here isn't really dead, it just could be better. But I think your question is a good one because this is something Wolf and I have been a bit puzzled about and it was a motivating factor behind the more "decentralized" structure of the forum we want to create. Speaking personally, I stopped rating and posting as I stopped battling. As the DPP metagame because increasingly *meh* and battling started to stress me out a little too much, I stopped. It took awhile, but eventually, it just wore me out. It didn't help that this was during my first mod tenure which did not go well and I was frustrated with myself and everyone else. And even now, it can be a stressful job, and real life can be stressful too.

Looking forward, I just want a stable, fun metagame to play. I built a pretty good OU team and then Excadrill got banned, and then my rebuilt team suffered when Thundurus got banned. Of course. I know Vrai is about to post something about NU and I will follow up with something about Gen 3 OU. I'm especially looking forward to trying out NU which Vrai swears by!

I'm definitely curious to see what others have to say. Being inactive isn't a crime or anything, but at the very least we want to make the forum as awesome as possible so that people will want to be here which will definitely be easier if we have some more insight. I think you hit the nail on the head. Invite people to respond to your inquiry here, IMO.

Originally Posted by Forever View Post
I find prefixes ugly and I feel like they won't stop people from not checking the generation. Nevertheless, I don't see the harm. I will probably just defer to Wolf/anyone else who has an opinion.