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    ☯ Friends

    He blinked his heterochromic eyes and stood upright, putting the leaves back in his pocket after seeing her disgusted look. "I suppose not then..." He shrugged, glancing at Mello and Aviath, once again stuck together. He smiled a bit at it and spoke mostly to himself, "It's almost like Aviath is in my group now..." He glanced back at her. "It's nice to see you're healed at least, Julia. Hopefully you'll be healed enough to leave. I'm sure the others wouldn't mind another member of our group. That is, if you're interested." He sat up in a chair, legs crossed, glancing around the room, trying to find something to fill the awkward silence. After a few moments he spoke again, "So why is it we found you burned and unconscious on the ground?"

    Flare watched as the girl gave no more than a simple glance to any of the pokemon. Huh... More alone time for me anyways...

    Mello smiled as she clung to Aviath happily. The lack of attention from Julia didn't bother her much; she had Aviath for that anyways. She looked at him, her orchid eyes glowing peacefully.

    Spirit realized she had no purpose in the group right now, so she just hovered by Kiba's shoulder, remaining silent. However, she did seem fairly happy at the moment.

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