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The Team Plasma Fanclub!

Did you like anything aboutTeam Plasma? What? Their outfits? Dumbness? Role? Leader? Anything else, at all like the Shadow Triad? Then this is the right place, as it is The Team Plasma Fanclub! Feel free to join!

1. Follow all of PC's and Pokemon Groups' rules.
2. Please don't spam, troll or harass.
3. Try to keep active!
4. Everyone can atleast choose one partner, from a list of specific Pokémon. However you can change your Pokémon by buying a upgrade.
5. Enjoy, and have fun!

Sign-Up Form
Partner Pokemon:
Reason for joining/Why you like Team Plasma:

List Of Pokemon that Team Plasma have!
Please choose your main Pokémon from here! They are all from Unova, btw!

The list of every member that has joined!
atif- (No nickname) - 102 Points - 1st Upgrade
AlexOzzyCake- (No nickname) - 6 Points - No Upgrade
ShadowTheDarkrai- (No nickname) - 6 Points - No Upgrade
Hikari10- (No nickname) - 7 Points - No Upgrade

Points System
How do get points? The read here!

Post in this thread - 1 Point
Make a new topic after a while - 5 Points
Using a Userbar - 2 Points a week!
Respect/Friendly/Active - 5 Points a week!
Joining - 5 Points!

(Pokémon coming soon!)

Multicoloured Username - 10 Points
Coloured Username (Choice) - 5 Points
Switch Pokémon - 15 Points

1st Upgrade - 30 Points
(Below are upgrade-only acessible features).
Multicolour Username - 5 Points!
Coloured Username (Choice) - 2 Points!
Switch Pokémon - Upgrade only - Kanto - 7 Points!

2nd Upgrade - 45 Points
(Again, like first upgrade).
2nd Pokémon - Kanto/Johto/Hoenn - 10 Points
Switch - Any - 8 Points
Coloured Username - 1 Point! :D
Multi Username - 4 Points! :)
Shiny Pokémon - 25 Points

There are more upgrades, but i'll write them down later. :)

Coming very soon! :D

Extras...and others!
Do you want CSS? Remember my old thread, the steel one? I still have the giveaway Pokémon. 'll see if I can post it's stats and give it away on this or that thread. :) Anyway, I hope you join!