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    great updates.
    As for my suggestions for the hack, I got none the hack already is great. I really don't mind what u do with it as long as its still a digimon hack :D

    ----dang thing is a bit long what i want to reply to so put it in spoiler----
    Do you want to see a base patch? What I mean by this is: a patch that has only minor changes to the original rom. These changes would consist of all Pokemon sprites, data, pokedex information, move lists etc. replaced with my own. I will also include any scripts/routines that are important or necessary such as the DNA Digivolution script, the gender check I've been working on, xros, etc. All original events would be left the same, save for a few text changes. What's the point in that, you might ask. Well if I did this then maybe this could give potential digimon hacks a leg up. The general things would be taken care of, so hackers could immediately begin. It would save potentially months of work for new hacks. All I would ask in return is to be credited. I'm not sure if it would belong in the sideshow showcase, and if not I would just post it here alongside my full hack. Maybe I would do the patch off of jpan's, meaning a completely clean digimon patch with compatability with jpan's engine. Or maybe an edit of Jambo51's patch. That would of course depend on if they gave me permission.

    This would sound awesome man

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