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☯ Friends

Deep green and light blue eyes blinked once more, and seemed more concerned for her. Such bold moves for a badge... He noticed her tensing and sighed. "I'm sorry if I'm doing something wrong, or making you upset in any way..." He glanced over and nearly jumped, not realizing Spirit was right over his shoulder. He shook the panic off and relaxed, turning back to Julia. "Well, we found you collapsed in a forest, and we carried you to Gaia's Heart; which is a huge place with floating rocks and islands, filled with dragons and birds. Jack, the other boy in our group, is there now, training by fighting dragons. Anyways, we took you across Gaia's Heart and now we're at the vendors, specifically the infirmary. You were pretty hurt... Are you okay now...?" His odd eyes were still flooded with concern, which he tried not to make look too obvious.

He began to pet Flare over the head, wondering why she went at such risk for that photo album. "So you're another trainer after the wish prize, right...?" He sat upright, stretching a bit. "Those other two are trying to get the wish too... Not me though. I came here to adventure, learn new things, and make friends... So far, Jack and Shadoan are the only two, other than my Pokemon friends here..." he looked back at her. "I hope it isn't too much for me to ask, and you don't have to answer, but... What do you want to wish for if you win?" He realized that he had never asked the other two that same question, and decided he might as well next time he sees them, if he remembers to. He then reached in a different pocket, pulling out light blue berries and holding that hand out toward Julia. "Here, these are Rawst Berries... Pokemon eat them to heal burns, but if you squeeze the juice onto the burns they'll heal faster."

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