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Mr.mammoth- well...maybe i did murder their- ...okay just kidding xD shall i run then...? XD thanks... :3 and you're right, now i think about it, on pokecommunity the RPer are much nicer than on other RP sites

Sir bastian- i dunno why i was worrying actually ;; the feeling came all of sudden... Anyways, thanks :3 i feel better

Lincoln- awww :3 thanks X3

Zerin: lmao xD That was pretty amazing! I gotta learn so much... :o xD

Kat- i need to learn so much from you guys xD

Thanks guys :3 i feel alot better, didn't expected all that though xD i thought maybe one or two would comment on it but alot people did :3 this shows how kind the people are on pokecommunity, sorry for the thought that people would hate me, i won't worry again

Now people lemme give you guys a advice, don't take ro-hypno-l it makes you drowzee and don't smoke weed either, weedle make you high.

(Had to do that sorry CX)