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Originally Posted by Goku Jr. View Post
This game is pretty amazing! I'm currently in Brox City, team is Aipom level 21 and Charmeleon level 24. I encountered a glitch, though. When you talk to those 2 officers blocking the way to the federal prison they just disappear. You still can't go in the Prison, but just thought I'd tell you.
Yeah I know about those two, they are supposed to be invisible until the event with your brother there. They were working perfect for a while, staying hidden until they are needed, and then suddenly they started doing that.
I still don't know why because their flags are already set before you talk to them.

Oh and you go to prison with your brother, and you can only go back in if you lose to somebody in there, then talk to the policeman who is walking along the path below the gym.
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