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I've been spriting since I was about 9 or 10, but I have only now started making decent scratch sprites.


Hippie Muk.


Normal-type Ghastly.

Dark type Rapidash, which is also kind of a fusion (Rapidash + Growlithe + Ninetales).

The PokeGod.

These were originally made for something I was going to build on ROBLOX, which is why they have shiny versions.


Yes, they suck.
I think the bird-looking one is unfinished and maybe an early version of the sprite below (I honestly don't remember, this was so long ago).

Owlit - Fire/Flying

Scorchoot - Fire/Flying

Owlabra - Fire/Flying

Thundeel - Water/Electric

Eelectric - Water/Electric

Igmite - Fire/Bug - Fire Starter

Flamelo - Fire/Bug - Fire Starter

Flamighty - Fire/Bug - Fire Starter

Florage - Grass - Grass Starter

Floraptor - Grass - Grass Starter
My favorite of all my sprites. :3

Florex - Grass - Grass Starter
This sprite looks weird to me for some reason...

Ogopond - Water - Water Starter

Champond - Water - Water Starter

Nessive - Water - Water Starter

Thundeel - Water/Electric

Eelectric - Water/Electric

Moraze - Water/Electric

Stumpine - Grass

Pineer - Grass/Fighting

Minibble - Water/Steel

Darkitten - Ghost

Leoid - Ghost

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