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    As soon as she noticed Al' at her side, he asked about how she was going to get her lunch. She thought for a few seconds, and before they even reached the city she came up with something.

    "Like this," she answered, dematerializing into thin air in one moment. Only a few seconds later, she reappeared with two fruits in hand, walking beside Al' as if she never left her spot. "You want one, or am I going to be eating these myself?"

    Alessa - Teleporting is Convenient

    Alessa appeared out of nowhere, right behind one of the stalls. It wasn't difficult, everyone had their food weakly guarded. Sure, some of them had PokéSpirits, but they could easily get more food of their own.

    I'll just be taking this, she thought, grabbing a pair of rather large fruits out of a bunch. She disappeared with them, returning to Al' in the forest.

    Aiden Selest

    "Ouch!" she yelled. "Cramp." Trying to catch up apparently took a bit out of Scarlet in itself. She stopped at the border between Eterna's city and its forest for a minute, letting the pain subside.

    "So why would you care if spirit users go in the forest?" Scarlet asked.

    "Numbers." A lot of them arriving in a short period of time, even a little kid would see something's up. They stopped at a familiar tree (or at least familiar to Scarlet) when that cramp decided to pop up again. Good thing Aiden didn't have legs whenever he fused with Yukiko. Speaking of a lack of legs, if Scarlet bothered to look up when Aiden floated up to sit in the branches above her, she'd see nothing but darkness under Aiden's kimono.

    "We can keep going when my cramp goes away," she added. "Okay?" Can't say Aiden really liked the way she said it, trying to give it a less demanding connotation with the end.


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