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Widening his eyes a little, he looked at Alessa curiously as she prepared herself to do... something. And in the next moment, she had disappeared. Al’ blinked a few times and glanced around, deciding to stop and wait for her to return. She had probably teleported herself or something like that.

A few moments later, with what seemed to Al’ liked a faint flash of air being compressed, Alessa had returned, with two fruits in her hand none the less! "You want one, or am I going to be eating these myself?"

“Gyahahahahaha! Now that’s a very convenient thing to be able to do~” he reached out and picked up one of the fruits, not wanting to let her generosity go to waste. He took a sniff of the fruit before biting into it, it’s juices running slightly down his cheeks, which he quickly cleaned up with a sleeve across his mouth, grinning up at her.

“Why thank you, milady. You’re most kind~ But two fruits ain’t going to cut it, are they? How would you like some…” he paused, seemingly thinking about this for a moment before turning back to her, starting to float towards the city again, lying on his back now, to better be able to see her. “… Bread? Tell you what, you get a few more fruits and I’ll get some bread! And we can meet up…” he paused again, tilting his head back to look at the city upside-down. He reached out with an arm, pointing at one of the buildings before lifting his head again, grinning toothily to her. “… On that rooftop in, say, fifteen minutes? Just to make sure we have enough time and all that~” he finished his little talk by prodding the remainder of the fruit into his mouth, chewing happily on it.
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