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Helena Andersson - AUP Headquarters, France

While Emil talked, Helena sat and listened, interested, at first. She leaned her head in her hand and propped it up with her elbow on the table. But the longer the story got, the more terrified the look on her face became. Her elbow dropped from the table and she leaned back in her chair. She quickly glanced at Atticus beside her. He interrupted Emil when the man wanted to mention his background. But what he said about Natalia and Annie... It sure sounded bad but it could just be talk to get her to join more easily. For some reason, her mind exaggerated Emil's spoken words. All he said really was that Atlanteans should stand up for themselves. But what Helena heard was something worse, because all she could think of was her family back home. Her human family.

Yes, that's right. Helena said yes to Atticus when she stepped into his car in Stockholm; she agreed on being taken to the AUP. But she hadn't completely told them that she was really on their side yet, had she?

The thing that troubled the Swedish girl was the outlook Emil had on regular humans. It hadn't really dawned to Helena yet that they were two different races; she still thought of Atlanteans as superpowered humans. Therefore, it sounded absurd to want to unite all the Atlanteans and make them look more important than humans. She looked down on her lap with a worried face when Emil finished his story and told her to join Natalia for some training. Training... training to do what? Fight humans?

She turned to Atticus before he could get up and leave. With a stern look, she said: "I told you that I would follow you if it would be the safest thing for my family. I don't... I don't think this sounds like that anymore. Everyone here has lost something. I haven't. Are you going to make me lose my family? I won't... no."

Before he could reply, she was gone. Invisible. She almost flipped the chair over when she started running across the room. She tried to find the elevator, tried to get back to wherever they were before. Tried to get out! With her parkour techniques, she would not let them capture her easily, was the thought that made her dare to do this. She found the elevator and stopped before it, pressing the button. It lighted up beneath her finger and she didn't think about that someone might see that, despite her being invisible.

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