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    Originally Posted by CrazyMrHans View Post
    Discussion Well, I intend to EV train and battle with my RNG'd pokemans, but at the moment I'm having a little trouble.

    I've been trying all day to hit a shiny Litwick with perfect IVs in the wild (2F Celestial Tower), I've heard that shiny RNG breeding is easier, but I figured I'd try for this first. My problem is as follows: No matter what I do, I can never land on the PID frame for the shiny, it's on frame 132, after three attempts of advancing 70 frames from frame 62 (I'm definitely certain it's my starting frame) I always landed on 134, after trying to advance 69 frames, I landed on frame 131. Going off the pitches of the Chatot cries I overshot by four to 136. Is there something special about advancing the PIDRNG more than 70 frames? I'm using RNG Reporter 9.95, standard method on a DS Lite, Pokemon Black (English).

    Nevermind, turns out the NPCs wanted to advance my frame just as I hit the shiny frame, and only on that frame.
    First, welcome! And by the nevermind, does that mean you got your shiny Litwick? :D