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Originally Posted by chaos.agent View Post
ok i love this game i just downloaded it a couple days ago and have been playing it like crazy. just east of brevis town past the lake there is a girl in the tree's and when i try to walk up to her the game freezes. also the sub-mission with Oak and the part from a pokemart i got the part and when i went back to give it it kept asking me to accept the mission. the abra im supposed to fight as a kadabra are 4 unowns instead and the diglet in the cave devolves from itsself into itsself. the pokedex wont scan team rockets pokemon either. im running .7a so idk if these are major to you or if there supposed to be like this. i am curious about the graveler. it says there is a golem attacking people but in the youtube vids its a graveler and when i faced it it was just a geodude. this game will be amazing and im glad you created it and will be happy to point out bugs as i see them.
In order to initiate a battle with the girl you will need to walk up to the wall of trees so that you are touching the trees and walk left. This so that you and the girl are touching because the girl can't walk off the tree to iniate an encounter so the game freezes at that point. I've noticed that the Golem was just a Geodude. I haven't came across the Abra and the Diglet yet so I don't know about those two.

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