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    No more of these bad puns! Do i have to Hypnotize you all to make you stop? *Waits to see if anyone gets it.*

    Also... I have an update:


    Zemda (Lapras): level 23: Dragon Pulse, Signal Beam, Surf, Icy Wind, Thunderbolt, Water Pulse.
    Arcino (Grovyle): level 31: Leaf Blade, Brick Break, Rock Slide, Aerial Ace, Synthesis, Energy Ball
    Logana (Venonat): level 22: Consusion, Supersonic, Poison Powder, Sludge Bomb, Flash, String Shot.
    Ezar (Sandshrew: level 19: Fury Swipes, Swift, Poison Sting, Rapid Spin, Defense Curl, Sand Attack
    Mai (Minun): Level 16: Growl, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack, Helping Hand, Spark
    Plai (Plusle): Level 15: Growl, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack, Helping Hand, Spark

    Ezar gained three levels for fighting the Luxray, the Manectric, and fainting.

    Arcino gained two levels for fighting the Luxray and the Manectric.

    Mai was recruited, and gained one level for fighting the Plusle.

    Plai was captured.
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