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    This thread won't last long as the games come out in 2 months but rumors have already started coming out about the games. The News Discussion Thread is for News so here let's Discuss any that we've seen about. How will they affect the game? How legible do you think the rumor is? Etc.

    Pokejungle recently posted a rumor and this is what I think.

    I don't care if it's all fake, just having a rumor gives you something to think and talk about and that's great!

    So based on the U.K.? They wear uniforms there, hence the academy? I actually went to a school called London Academy

    Is this where N is from? His mother lives here?

    Only one rival?

    Doesn't seem so far away, time-wise, from the events of B/W seeing as the Unova Gym Leaders are the same.

    Loving these Gym Leaders though. Even the repeated concept but with Snivy and Co.

    Starters sound awesome! But that's where I stopped believing all this haha.

    But if they're doing what they did with G/S who am I to complain? So there will be a third version to these games, yay! With Kyurem God Forme with both Zekrom and Reshiram! :D

    Only one rival?

    Love the historic theme!

    What else... New Pokemon also sound really good, especially the knight and maiden and the tuxedo ghost doesn't sound corny x)

    Would be great if real but seems far fetched unless, of course, it's meant to be like G/S
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