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    Orange's journey is began as every other journey, but suddendly his friends Pearl and Riccardo
    and him are involved in a war began more than 1000 years ago!
    They are the chosen, they have the power to awake an ancient Pokemon fell asleep centuries ago.
    But others, unawares, have this power and now Orange, Pearl and Riccardo's mission is to find them before Zeno!
    Many people will be involved in this battle of memories!
    The Silver Legend is only at the beginning!

    Beta 1

    Beta 2



    What will we expect about the new Pokemon Silver Legend?
    The Beta 1 was only the beginning of all, the true story has to begin yet!
    In this chapter we will meet new important characters and new riddles will be resolved for understand what is happening!

    Will be there many changes from Beta 1?
    Beta 1's history will be the same, but in the Beta 2 Pearl and Riccardo will be set aside for a while! But don't worry, they will have some good substitutes.
    For the rest we will find all other characters.

    Release date?
    To talk about the release date is soon, very soon!
    Our goal is to do everything before an year.
    The Beta 1 had required very much time because we had to try everything, expecially the ASM routines!

    SL Team?
    Yeah, we are the "SL Team"! At the moment it consists of:
    Anesius, Zeno96, XDinky, Shiny Charizard, Simo O, Soria, Zito e Ghosto95.
    We are a lot of people, but we are very close-knit!

    If you have other questions for the F.A.Q. say that in the topic!


    We thank everyone for the, more or less, 1000 downloads of the Beta 1!



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