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I really wouldn't want to be disappointed, so I am attempting to dismiss at least this rumor post right here. I'd love to hear you guys prove me wrong with evidence from past rumors that turned out to be true, though. XD Right now here's what I think: some of these rumors just seem too far-fetched. Not to mention its size, which is seemingly too much information in just one issue of CoroCoro. Yeah, admittedly they are going to release information eventually. I just don't think it'll be like this with one big drop of load. Also: three sections with around four paragraphs each filled with rumors, and no mention of the mascot, Kyurem? Hmm. :\

However! It still makes me excited on tons of things-- really, all the possibilities that they could have in these games. I wish that the creators would surprise us like no other when they finally reveal the games, hopefully in a good way.
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