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    Shadoan gave a short disappointed look as he then threw a quick jab an Echo. Another jab, followed by a fury of punches, echo steps back to avoid, pushing her out of the ring. Shadoan chuckles as he invites her to come back towards the ring and to try again. "I said to give me all you got, not what you had... If you can't punch me properly, then you'll never find yourself a mate, let alone defend him or her. Come on!"

    Back at the doctors tent, Avaith looked into Mello's glowing eyes for warmth as he gavve her a quick kiss on her nose and lifted her once more onto his back. "Let's go check on Shadoan. If I know anything, he's probably sparring with Echo... It ought to be interesting." The two mates made their way outside and walked over towards the human and pokemon attempting to fight one another. "COME ON ECHO! KNOCK HIS BLOCK OFF!!!" Avaith was trying to help Echo along and build her confidence.

    Jev sighed as he tried to think and put Foxtrot's words together, figure out how each word was defined. When he figured out more or less, he got up and called out tot he next passing dragon. "HEY! YOU THERE, FILTHY DRAGON! YEAH YOU! THIS GUY SAYS YOUR SO STUPID, YOU CAN'T SEE WHERE YOUR GOING AT NIGHT. HE THINKS YOUR A FILTHY BLIND DRAGON!!!" Sure enough, another Dragon came down looking for his insulter, a vibrava.

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