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    Originally Posted by Mochorro View Post
    It's the cave on the right of Therus City. I found the man (sorry, I am back now, and I see it was not a Karate Expert, I thought it was because of the Fighting-types) in Route 14. It's this man:


    EDIT: And now I see that isn't supposed to be that way, because the other trainers have Lv 22-30 Pokémon, but that one didn't.
    That's really weird, when I fight him he has normal level pokemon :/

    Originally Posted by mostactop View Post
    Yo, where can i find HM FLASH?? I couldn't find it anywhere
    It's hidden in Flash Cave, it's not a very difficult maze lol

    Originally Posted by TheZeno96 View Post
    I really like the idea of playing on the side of Team Rocket but you could change the tile!
    Keep it on!
    Nope, it's a mythical color that's darker than black.

    Originally Posted by blazerj13 View Post
    where do you get fly? iv been looking for it cause im lazy and i dont wanna do all that walking again
    You get fly in Nemu Town.

    Originally Posted by raghavendraxxx View Post
    when i got my 2nd mission from team rocket boss i have got 3 badges now i am in city where is zoo elmas city i think but when i beat this city gym i got the 5th badge did i miss 4th gym where it is and thx for helping
    Yeah the gym badges are kind of out of order. It's because I wanted the player to be able to use the HMs in a certain order which was different from the gyms. So just keep going and you should get all of the badges
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