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    Jack Davis

    "Alright, get ready Fox!" The sableye got into battle position as the Vibrava let loose a Supersonic that Foxtrot was able to dodge. With Foxtrot occupied from the dodge the Vibrava threw some sand at his gem stone eyes, which didn't affect him the slightest. "Fox, hit it with a Night Shade!" A shadowy image of Foxtrot burst from the ground and slashed at the Vibrava.

    The Vibrava had a different approach this time and instead quickly flew around Foxtrot and whipped up sand as it used Sand Tomb. "Fox, stay strong and use another Night Shade!" Again, the Vibrava was hit with the attack but suddenly let out another Supersonic that hit Foxtrot dead on. The Sableye groaned and staggered inside the Sand Tomb. Suddenly the Vibrava let out a jet of DragonBreath that hit into Foxtrot and threw him out of the Sand Tomb.

    "Foxtrot hit it with another Night Shade!" Foxtrot made another illusion that instead hit him as he continued to stagger about. The Vibrava let out a cry and moved in to attack with another DragonBreath. "Quick! Detect!" Foxtrot luckily listened and formed a green shield that deflected the attack. The Sableye shook his head as the Supersonic wore off. "Alright hit it with a Shadow Claw!"

    Foxtrot let out a cry as he leaped up and slashed at the Vibrava. The Vibrava immediately countered with a DragonBreath that slammed Foxtrot into the ground. Foxtrot groaned as he staggered up and the Vibrava was readying another DragonBreath. "Detect again!" Foxtrot once again successfully protected himself but he looked pretty beat up.

    "Alright hit it with as many Night Shades as possible!" Foxtrot went all out as he sprang up many illusions and had all of the slashing frantically at the Vibrava. The dragon cried out as it was hit more and more before it cried out and fell down onto the ground. "Take that you under educated piece of raw muscle!" Foxtrot shouted.

    "Good job Fox. These dragons are pretty powerful so I'll need to switch you all up. Return Foxtrot."

    Jack opened up another pokeball and let out Charlie. The Kadabra stretched. "Alright, ready for some training?" The Kadabra nodded, looked around and instantly grabbed a lone Salamance and used his Confusion to slam him into the island. Charlie chuckled, "This is going to be fun."

    Echo got back into the circle and sighed. She suddenly heard Avaith to the side and weakly smiled. She took in a deep breath and let out a series of punches. Shadoan wanted her to do her best so she would oblige. She added in a leg sweep as well for good measure.
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