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Create A Pokemon

This game was loads of fun for spriters like me and I wanted to re-create it since the old thread was outdated by over a year.
The rules are the same as the old thread


- Only make small changes to the sprite.
- You should not do extensive shading and coloring if there is under-developed line-work.
- No palette restriction!
- Size restriction is 96x96. (doesn't mean we have to use ALL of that space)
- You cannot submit two changes in a row; just one at a time.
- You must save as a PNG file so that it isn't fuzzy.
- You cannot start a new pokemon sprite until the current sprite has been declared finished.
- Be creative; you don't always have to go for the obvious!
- Any questions? Feel free to PM/VM me.

This is from the old thread too

Finished images

Here is the starting image

Happy Spriting Everyone