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Lucy - Abandoned Building - Eterna City

And then Lucy was surrounded by people that were thinking of murdering her and she was as carefree as could be. One of the two asked her if the commotion had died down outside. Lucy didn't completely understand why she couldn't check herself. Being found out by the adults was an inconvenience at worst. What were they going to do, make her laugh so hard she suffocates? Would they lock her behind ever so edible steel bars? Then she remembered not everyone had recieved their pokespirit yet. Regardless, she decided she wanted to know the answer to that question herself.

"I donno... I'll take a look!"

Turning her back on the others as casually as if there was not a significant risk of trickery afoot she moved to one of the windows and peered out from behind tattered drapes and crudely applied boards. It seemed calm enough, but if one was truly trying to be cautious leaving during the day was a bad idea. Turning back to face the two Lucy greeted them both with a light smile. Honestly, Lucy's cheer could very well come across as irritating. It was almost as if she didn't care how dangerous the world around her was to your average kid. ...Huh! How about that.

"It looks quiet. Why, are you guys making the trip to mount coronet or something? The night is safer..."

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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