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    ☯ Friends

    Kiba blinked slowly and reached up, brushing jet black hair over to the right side of his face. It partially covered his ice blue eye, but not enough to cover the glow of the color. His other (left) emerald eye remained uncovered, and he rested his hands on his knees, legs crossed under him. He was wearing a loose white T-shirt with faint blue-purple markings all over it, and a generic 'winged sword' on the front. He also wore black cargo shorts, long enough to just cover his knees. His jet black hair came to a ponytail in the back with a white band, reaching down to his his mid-upper back. He watched quietly and listened to her intently. She wishes for... Eternal friendship? That did give him some thoughts.

    After a bit of thinking, he finally spoke up, oblivious to Spirit now floating circles over his head. "I suppose that's what I came here for as well... My pokemon friends are great friends, just lack the ability to have a full conversation, you know?" He pondered that thought, Well, besides Ki... I can speak to him and he can speak to me... "I came here in search of human friends too... Considering my life, I've been pretty much alone the entire time... Not that I'll bore you with the details of it... I don't think anyone really cares about my background..." He shook his head slightly. "People would find me strange... Well, more than they already do anyways. If it's any consolation, I could be your friend too... If you want..." He noticed the expression on her face as she squeezed the berry juices into the wounds. He then stood and spoke, "Prefer being clean too? I'm the same... But when you need to heal, it's always a necessity. By the way, if your pokemon are hurt, I can heal them too."

    He walked over to the sink in the room, wadded up some paper towels and dampened them in the sink water. He walked over to Julia and handed them to her. "The juices have made their way inside the wounds, so you can clean it now. I can tell it's bothering you." he sat back down in the chair, and glanced at the bed she had practically fallen out of. "You can still join our group if you want, it would be pleasant to have a girl in the group..." After saying that, he felt has face warm slightly. That sounded... Very awkward... "Sorry..." he apologized quietly to her. "A-Anyways... You should lay down and relax for a bit... I don't think we're leaving quite yet. Plus you still look wary and exhausted."

    Spirit had stopped spinning and watched Julia, curiously.

    Mello sat beside Aviath and also cheered for Echo. C'mon Echo, you've got this!! Show him pain! She giggled a bit and leaned her head against her mate's shoulder.

    Flare sighed quietly, and simply decided to lie down on the floor. Kibasan is being strange... I've never seen him talk that much before... He's usually almost silent.

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