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    Part 11: Kickin' Names and Takin' Butt!... That Came Out Wrong.

    Getting up the next morning to see what Kinsetsu City has to offer, I went to the bike shop right next to the center. Apparently, Rydel's Cycles was low on business, and offered to give me a bike for free if I rode it around. Happy for a free bike, I had to choose between the speed demon Mach Bike or the trick-performing Acro Bike. I like fast, so the Mach Bike was the obvious choice. When he handed it to me, though, it was layered with "Rydel's Cycles" on everything but the handles, wheels and seat. Nice advertising.

    "It'll be good to get some more training before we even think of fighting Wattson," I told the team. They all agreed, considering we almost lost Ren so early.

    Heading out, I wanted to see what the routes nearby had to offer. We took out the few trainers on the eastern beach fairly easily, and there was an abundance of them westward. Hana was up with everyone else soon enough to fight alongside them, so I took off her Exp. Share and placed her near the front of the party.

    At level 20, Selene evolved as a result of the training we put in. She matches Ren's speed now, too. By the time we beat them all, Hana hit 20 and we were in the nearby Shidake Town, tranquil and serene. It had an Oldman Shop here like Kaina City, but no change in stock. With nothing left to do here, we went back to Kinsetsu City and saw that boy from Touka City... Wally, arguing with his uncle in front of the gym. He wanted to challenge Wattson and his uncle wouldn't let him, begging me to battle him and prove how much stronger he's gotten.

    He still only had one Bonéka, and... wait, it DEVOLVED?! HOW?! IGUERSLNJVDKJNVJSDKNVJSDKNBKJRKJD-- Sorry about that. Regardless, that just made it easier for Hana to burn her to a crisp. When we were finished, Wally retreated with his uncle to Shidake Town. I looked at my team, still a little befuddled on how a Bonéka DEVOLVED, and noticed my Nazrin was sneaking off north. Naturally, instead of recalling her to her orb, we chased after Jen like idiots, getting caught between a few trainers.

    "Well, aren't you a cute little mouse?" I heard a man talking to Jen when we finally got to her, leaving a trail of broken trainers in our wake. "Oh, is this your Bonéka? It's nice to see a trainer who lets their Bonéka run around and play."


    "You know, we should have a Bonéka battle! If you can defeat my family of four in a row, we'll even reward you!" He didn't hesitate pulling his own Miko Orbs out of his pocket, ready to throw them. With an Alice and Byakuren, both Psychic-type, they were great prey for Hana's bite. Surprised at the easy win, the Winstrate family's patriarch fell back into his house and called for his wife. Just as easy to beat, and she called out her daughter to continue the fight. I beat her Bonéka with little trouble, and sent her back inside her home sniveling and asking her grandma to come kick my oh so sorry butt. Granny was a pain in the neck, with a Meiling like Brawly's. At least it didn't have DynamicPunch, but Cross Chop took a chunk of Ren's health quite a lot. As a reward for beating them all, Victoria, the housewife and second battler, awarded me with a Macho Brace. Heavy as all hell, but apparently it made the holder stronger over time.

    Next up, more training!

    Part 11 - End

    Part 12: Trainin' Like a Boss


    Heck yeah, just kicked the collective butt of an entire family! >:D

    Gotta go trainin', though.

    Yes I'd like to rest my Bonéka! They do NOT deserve to die!

    Ren's a freakin' pimp.

    Can I get a new Bonéka out here? I already kicked trainer butt.

    HIMEKAIDO--wait, wrong reporter.

    Go, my insane vampire loli--I mean Hana!

    YEAH! UH!

    So she's a shut-in?! I already have one, though! T_T

    Name... name...

    John!... No....

    Rachel and that's final!

    Looky at me! I'm behind a tree! Like my hat?

    Another one? Infinite supply of youkai reporters that never go outside!

    And Hana burns her to death. Good Hana.

    Jen's kickin' butt and takin' names! Yay, I got it right this time!

    No one is safe!

    Part 12 - End


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