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    Originally Posted by Epitaph93 View Post
    Thanks. It's not too terribly hard though lol.

    Not yet, but if you want to contribute in anyway you can speed up the process.

    Thank you very much for your support. I am planning on including xros digimon and digivolutions. How I'll be recreating the system is the only issue, along with the general issue of sprite availability. If the sprites haven't been in any of the games, then they almost definitely won't be included.

    Update: Since I can't actually DO anything for now, other than stats, I'd like to ask you all some questions:

    Do you like the current title or would you prefer something else? If so, do you have any suggestions? Digimon Firered has already been used, in case you're wondering. It never finished, but the creator of that hack, Meowth, made the sprite of Tai that I'm currently using.

    Do you have any new features you would like to see? For example I've included a way to rename digimon regardless of happiness, I created a fusion system which is something I always see suggested and planned in hacks but I've never actually seen in a release, As I just mentioned above I plan on adding xros digivolutions, not to mention a few little nuggets I'm hoping to research to see if I can accomplish them. I.e. additional choices in the pokecenters' PCs such renaming and DNA digivolving.

    Do you have any story suggestions? We've already had a little brainstorming in the thread over the past week, which I really liked and enjoyed doing. I'll be writing down a few ideas tonight and either update this post with them or post them separately.

    Do you want to see a base patch? What I mean by this is: a patch that has only minor changes to the original rom. These changes would consist of all Pokemon sprites, data, pokedex information, move lists etc. replaced with my own. I will also include any scripts/routines that are important or necessary such as the DNA Digivolution script, the gender check I've been working on, xros, etc. All original events would be left the same, save for a few text changes. What's the point in that, you might ask. Well if I did this then maybe this could give potential digimon hacks a leg up. The general things would be taken care of, so hackers could immediately begin. It would save potentially months of work for new hacks. All I would ask in return is to be credited. I'm not sure if it would belong in the sideshow showcase, and if not I would just post it here alongside my full hack. Maybe I would do the patch off of jpan's, meaning a completely clean digimon patch with compatability with jpan's engine. Or maybe an edit of Jambo51's patch. That would of course depend on if they gave me permission.

    Would you like to have a dynamic story with different endings and events, depending on what you do and how you do it? (Mass Effect anyone?) This is something complex that I really want to do, as diversity and dynamics are key to the game.

    Should I change the tiles? And if so do you have any recommendations, such as a rom base or a link to a tilset? As of now the tiles are normal fire red tiles.

    Would you like to see a variety of puzzles/riddles? I don't have any examples or suggestions as of now, other than pushing buttons and maybe the sliding puzzles from second Gen. Also puzzles in caves would include ice floors and ledges. The basic stuff.

    What digimon are you most looking forward to? I've seen interest in armor digivolutions of wormmon and the long process of obtaining paladin imperialdramon. Dark digivolutions are often something everyone loves as well, which I hope to expand upon so that it isn't an armor digivolution.

    Will you try to get your starter to digivolve into a particular digimon? If so which digiline would you want to follow? If not will you just let your digimon follow whichever digiline it happens to go down, essentially letting it "choose" it's own path?

    Would you like to see more posts like this one in the future? Perhaps one every few months? I'd like to connect with everyone. I want opinions and ideas from abroad. I think this will spark friendships, creative thinking, group discussions, but most importantly I think this might inspire people. We need better hacks, and I've seen a few recent hacks that really stood out to me, but 2011 saw few releases so 2012 needs to make up for it lol.

    Keep in mind that one of the main themes throughout the hack is to keep everything dynamic. No two playthroughs need be the same. I feel that replayability is one thing any game needs. Why spend time making something that people will only play once? Sure "catching them all" will keep you preoccupied once the game has concluded, but isn't it more fun to restart the game with a new starter than it is to catch them all? Imagine that feeling of a fresh new game, that decision of which adorable creature you want to choose as the first member of your team, that choice that comes with new move sets, that challenge that transpires when you fight your first gym leader, that moment of pride when you stomp your rival, that terribly thrilling excitement when you defeated the elite four and the credits begin to roll after your first team enters the hall of fame. You become the champion and master of a virtual world... Then it gets really dull and boring. It's time we expand those moments, let go of our prized level 100 team, and start a new game that will be extremely different than the last.

    At least, that's what I'm aiming to achieve.

    I'll probably add this to the OP in it's own section tomorrow. Please don't quote the whole post lol. Just make it obvious which questions your answering. Don't be strangers, let's have ourselves a "Creative Discussion"
    Well as far as xros wars sprites go you can get them from Digimon story super xros wars red and blue for the ds im pretty sure people already ripped the sprites from the game

    1. I like the title but its your call
    2. Well beside the xros system i cant really think of anything else idk if your gonna make the ancient wariors part of a digivolution line (ex: Flamemon:Agnimon:Burninggreymon...) or (Agumon with item evolution (spirit of fire) to agnimon) but i would like to see the ancient in the game
    3. idk
    4.Really your call
    5.Its always fun too have a deep story and multiple ending so if you can do it that would be great to see
    6. Well i see a lot of hacks with amazing tiles (most from the ds games) so i guess if you know how you can import tiles from the ds games
    7. Sure it gives diversity and more things to do in the game
    8.Guilmon for sure my favorite digimon thou i would like to se Dorumon too
    9. I always look to get the mostpowerfull line :p
    10. Yep