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My loadouts:
Scout: Scattergun, Bonk, Fish
Soldier: Rocket Launcher, Shotgun, Equalizer
Pyro: Degreaser, Shotgun, Axetinguisher
Demo: Stock (with pan)
Heavy: Minigun, Sandvich, GRU
Engie: Shotgun, Wrangler, Southern Hospitality
Medic: Blut, Medigun/Kritz, Ubersaw
Sniper: Sniper Rifle/Pissgun, Jarate, Tribalman's
Spy: Revolver, Big Earner, Invisiwatch

Stats are a bit messed up since I reset after about the first 1k hours (and I idled a bit as scout), but here are my stats for the past year or three:

As for cosmetics like hats and crap, let me put it this way. When you're as good as me, you don't need junk to help you stand out.
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