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    Wasteland has not handed in a sprite. Here is Limanya's sprite for critique and the theme and restrictions:


    Theme: Pentamonocolourful
    Since a fusion duel is expected, your task is to choose one colour, and not only do you choose one colour but you are expected to fuse 5 Pokemon altogether. Each Pokemon being from a seperate generation, ie.
    I choose the colour blue and my choices are:
    Generation 1 - Poliwhirl
    Generation 2 - Feraligatr
    Generation 3 - Sharpedo
    Generation 4 - Luxray
    Generation 5 - Simipour

    You will be judged most likely on appearance, skill and cleanliness. Also, please give us what colour you chose and the Pokemon and its respective generation, using the example as a base is recommended when posting. Also showing how its made and indicating the Fusemon's body parts is appreciated.

    Note: When wanting to know colours, please refer to this link for official colours of Pokemon. Courtesy of Bulbapedia.

    Dimensions - 96x96 BW style
    Colours - Maximum is 36
    Animation - No
    Transparency - Optional
    Originally Posted by Limanya
    Color: Blue

    Gen 1: Wartortle
    Gen 2: Wooper
    Gen 3: Swablu
    Gen 4: Azelf
    Gen 5: Cryogonal

    The 'pearls' are from Cryogonal.
    The fin/wing and tail are from Wartortle.
    I used Wooper as a base.
    The arms and teeth are from Swablu.
    And finally, the thing attached to the fin/wing is Azelf's tail.


    Current Duel:
    -ty- vs. IceyPinkLemon

    Available Duelists:
    mineox100 - Fusion duel

    pair: Sheep