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What would be your ideas on an Easter themed roleplay?

An unrealistic RP with a competition where trainers had to go search for Easter eggs that the GM hides in certain places around the region and let's the player know when they get close enough to find them. The players would be in different teams, perhaps depending on from what city/town in the region they are starting from. The winner... is the one who is the last to survive- *is shot, totally watched Hunger Games today* Well, the winner is the one with the most Easter eggs when they are all found. Maybe each egg could hatch into a pokémon so that all trainers only start with one pokémon and then get more. Of course they wouldn't find an Easter egg placed in Viridian Forest by just walking in there. The GM could have specified things like "by a tree" or "in a pokémon's nest" and the player would only find it if their post meets the criteria specified. And the different teams would try to stop each other from reaching the eggs. They may even steal eggs from each other, if the GM judges the steal-attempt-post to be good enogh! Battles will ensue...