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Originally Posted by Scuki View Post
I see them sometimes on others profile.. But what do they do? How can get/win one?

Oh happy Easter btw =) Didn't notice that it is today XD
Emblems mostly exist to add a fun touch to PC. They are a kind of rewards that moderators hand out to members they think deserve it, if the members have been acting in a certain way or accomplished something special. Sometimes you get an emblem for having participated actively in some event, like the New Years celebration for instance. Sometimes you get an emblem for winning a competition, like art competitions or the roleplay awards. And sometimes mod have, well, their own little emblems that they hand out just for fun.

You can read more about emblems in this thread

Most emblems are 'secret' and not requestable, there are a lot more emblems than show up in this list ^^ It's all in good spirit and a person with tons of emblems should not be considered 'better' than a person with no or little emblems. It might as well depend on where you're usually posting.
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