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Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post

Haha, maybe. Don't worry about it though. A person's worth is not measured in the number of emblems you have, it's for fun.

A rule of thumb might be that if you are very active in a certain section, you probably have an easier time getting the specific section emblems. At all times, strive to be friendly and helpful, and you might even get an emblem for being a role model on the forums. Or for being a prick, it's just as likely xD

OR try to participate in some of the Easter events. Easter Egg hunt and such things gives emblems.

I can't participate in the egg swap though cus i don't own Gen V XD and finding eggs is hard here =) looooool you can get an emblem for being a prick? O.o ahaha that made me laugh XD
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